Trustworthy Bodyguards Mod – GTA 6


Download Mod: Trustworthy Bodyguards

Trustworthy Bodyguards: The Bodyguard mod lets players hire bodyguards who will accompany them and provide protection during missions or free-roam gameplay.

About Trustworthy Bodyguards in Grand Theft Auto VI

The Trustworthy Bodyguards mod for GTA 6 will be an exciting addition to the game, giving players a unique layer of protection and assistance during missions or free-roam gameplay. In this mod, players will be able to hire bodyguards who are skilled in combat and are capable of protecting the player at all times. These bodyguards will be able to provide cover fire, drive the player to their destination, and assist the player in any way necessary.

To start, players will be able to select the number of bodyguards they want to hire, and each bodyguard will have varying levels of skill and abilities. The player will also be able to choose the weapons and gear that the bodyguards are equipped with, allowing for customization options to fit the player’s preferred play style.

During missions, the bodyguards will provide valuable assistance, acting as a second set of eyes and ears, helping to spot enemies and provide cover fire when necessary. They will also be able to provide transportation by driving the player to their next objective, allowing the player to concentrate on the mission without worrying about navigating the city.

In free-roam gameplay, the bodyguards will provide a sense of safety as they follow the player around, keeping an eye out for any potential threats. They will also be able to help the player during police chases, shooting at pursuing police officers and creating a distraction to help the player escape.

The Trustworthy Bodyguards mod will also provide players with the option to customize their bodyguards’ attire, so that players can dress them up to match their own personal style. This will allow players to create a unique team of bodyguards that reflects their in-game persona.

Furthermore, players will be able to level up their bodyguards, unlocking new skills and abilities as they progress through the game. The higher-level bodyguards will be able to use more advanced weapons and tactics, ensuring that they can provide the player with the best protection possible.

Overall, the Trustworthy Bodyguards mod will be a fantastic addition to GTA 6, providing players with a valuable layer of protection and assistance in both missions and free-roam gameplay. Players will be able to hire a team of skilled bodyguards, customize their gear and attire, and level them up to unlock new skills and abilities. This mod will definitely add a unique level of replayability to the game, and it will surely become a fan favorite amongst GTA 6 mod enthusiasts.