Realistic Damage Mod – GTA 6


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Realistic Damage: The Realistic Damage System mod makes combat in GTA 6 more challenging and realistic. It introduces more realistic damage models for vehicles and pedestrians, making collisions and gunfights more impactful.

About Realistic Damage in Grand Theft Auto VI

The Realistic Damage System mod for GTA 6 takes the idea of the previous mod a step further, making the combat even more challenging and realistic than ever before. This mod introduces a much more advanced damage model for vehicles and pedestrians that is based on realistic physics and mechanics, and is designed to make every collision and gunfight feel more impactful.

With this mod, cars now realistically crumble and bend when they crash into other objects, and they can even be destroyed completely if they take enough damage. The same goes for pedestrians who are hit by cars, and every collision between vehicles or pedestrians now has a much more realistic and visceral impact.

In addition to the improved damage model, the mod also introduces new features that make the game more challenging and realistic. For example, players will now have to take into account the weight and speed of the vehicles they are driving, which can affect their handling and make it more difficult to control them in tight spaces or at high speeds.

The mod also introduces a new bullet physics system that makes firearms more realistic and challenging to use. Players will have to take into account factors such as bullet drop and wind resistance, and they will need to be more careful when aiming and shooting to ensure that their shots hit their targets.

Overall, the Realistic Damage System mod for GTA 6 is a must-have for players who are looking for a more challenging and immersive experience. It takes the already excellent combat system of the game and makes it even better, introducing new mechanics and features that make every gunfight and collision feel more impactful and realistic.