Police Vehicle Upgrades Mod – GTA 6


Download Mod: Police Vehicle Upgrades

Police Vehicle Upgrades: Police vehicle mods allow players to customize and add new police vehicles to the game. These mods can include realistic police car models, lightbars, sirens, and other police equipment.

About Police Vehicle Upgrades in Grand Theft Auto VI

The Police Vehicle Upgrades mod for GTA 6 is a highly-requested and engaging mod that will immerse players further into the world of law enforcement. This mod allows players to take on the role of law enforcement officers and customize their police vehicles to their liking.

Upon downloading the mod, players will have access to a wide range of police vehicles available in different models, colors, and designs, which can be accessed from the police station or any other designated location in the game. The vehicles can also be customized with various upgrades, including sirens, lightbars, police radios, CB radios, and GPS trackers.

These upgrades will not only enhance the appearance and durability of the vehicles but also improve their functionality when carrying out police duties. Players can also choose to add livery and decals to their cars with different patterns, colors and specific department logos.

The mod also introduces enhanced AI police car chases whereby the police will follow the player’s car and attempts to pull them over. The functionality will also allow the police to play a bigger role in fighting crime within Vice City and disrupt any criminal activity happening at that moment.

With the Police Vehicle Upgrades mod, players will enjoy realistic police vehicle models and an incredible level of immersion, which further places them in the role of a law enforcement officer while playing GTA6.