Personal Bodyguards Mod – GTA 6


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Personal Bodyguards: Bodyguard mods enable players to hire and command a team of AI-controlled bodyguards. These bodyguards can assist you in combat, follow you around, and provide an extra layer of protection.

About Personal Bodyguards in Grand Theft Auto VI

The Personal Bodyguards mod for GTA 6 allows players to hire a team of AI-controlled bodyguards that will accompany them on their missions and quests in Vice City. The mod provides a unique take on traditional combat, allowing you to have a small army of trained professionals at your disposal. Whether you need some added support during a shootout or some backup while driving through rival gangs, these personal bodyguards will have your back, gunning down foes and providing a shield for you to escape to safety.

The mod works by implementing a hiring mechanic, where players can hire bodyguards by paying a fee. The higher the fee, the more skilled and specialized the bodyguard will be. There are various types of bodyguards to choose from, including the “Muscle” who is brute and strong, but with little to no weapon skills. There is also the “Gunner”, who is an expert sharpshooter and will take out enemies from afar. Lastly, there is the “Techie,” who is a knowledgeable hacker that can assist in hacking into rival’s computer systems.

These bodyguards won’t just be silent followers – players can also command their bodyguards during gameplay, including ordering them to attack, defend, or follow. With the press of a button, players can direct their bodyguards to take on enemies, provide cover fire, or coordinate tactics.

In addition to combat assistance, players can also assign bodyguards to specific tasks, such as driving them around, collecting cash or weapons, or scouting for information. Players can even build trust and loyalty with their bodyguards by completing missions together or paying them more than the standard fee.

This mod will definitely add a new level of strategy and depth to your gameplay. It will keep you engaged and entertained, offering you new challenges and tactics to implement during your missions. Whether you are attacking enemy territories or simply want an extra safety net while driving around, the Personal Bodyguards mod for GTA 6 is a great choice.