Fuel Management System Mod – GTA 6


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Fuel Management System: Realistic fuel mods add a fuel consumption mechanic to vehicles in GTA 6. Players must refuel their vehicles at gas stations to ensure they don’t run out of fuel during their travels.

About Fuel Management System in Grand Theft Auto VI

For players who love to have a more realistic experience when playing Grand Theft Auto 6, the Fuel Management System mod is the perfect addition. With this mod, players will now have to be mindful of how much fuel they have in their vehicle and must regularly refuel at gas stations to avoid running out of gas during their travels.

One of the most significant changes to the game with this mod is the introduction of gas stations to the game world. These gas stations will allow players to refill their fuel tanks when running low. Gas stations can be found all throughout the city, and players can also see their locations on the game’s map.

The fuel system works by adding a gauge on the player’s HUD that displays the amount of fuel they have left in their vehicle. This information is presented in a percentage format, making it easier for players to gauge when they need to refuel. Players can also keep track of their fuel efficiency by monitoring the fuel consumption rate.

Adding to the realism, players can choose to refuel their vehicle with different types of fuel such as regular, premium or diesel, with different fuel types providing varying performance and fuel efficiency enhancements.

If a player runs out of fuel, their vehicle will not start, requiring them to either call for assistance or push their vehicle to the nearest gas station. This adds to the immersion and the overall gameplay experience.

The Fuel Management System mod also integrates with other mods, allowing players to add additional features such as fuel theft or high-speed refueling. This mod can be paired with car customization mods, allowing players to modify their cars to improve fuel efficiency or overall performance on long trips.

Overall, the Fuel Management System mod is a great addition for players looking for a more immersive and realistic experience while playing Grand Theft Auto 6. With the added responsibilities of managing their vehicle’s fuel consumption and exploring the game world to find fuel, players will have a more engaging and challenging gameplay experience.