Drug Trade Simulator Mod – GTA 6


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Drug Trade Simulator: The Realistic Drug Trade mod introduces a realistic drug trade system to GTA 6, allowing players to produce, distribute, and sell drugs, while dealing with rival gangs and law enforcement.

About Drug Trade Simulator in Grand Theft Auto VI

The Drug Trade Simulator mod for GTA 6 takes the realistic drug trade system to a whole new level, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of drug trafficking. The mod offers a range of features that make drug trafficking a complex and challenging experience.

To begin with, the mod introduces a comprehensive drug production and distribution system. Players can not only grow their own drugs, but also manufacture drugs using labs. They can choose the type of drug they want to produce, the quality of the product, and the price they want to sell it for. They can also build drug distribution networks that reach across the entire map of Vice City.

But drug trafficking in the mod is not all about making profits. Players must deal with rival gangs and law enforcement agencies, who seek to shut down their operations. Law enforcement agencies will conduct investigations, create roadblocks, and even engage in shootouts with players. Rival gangs will not only try to attack players, but also sabotage their operations by stealing their drugs or destroying their production facilities.

The mod also introduces a morality system, where players must make ethical choices when running their drug operations. They can choose to be ruthless and violent, or they can try to minimize harm and avoid unnecessary violence. These choices will have consequences, affecting the player’s reputation and relationships with other gangs and law enforcement agencies.

The mod also introduces a range of new vehicles, weapons, and equipment that are essential for drug trafficking. Players can acquire planes to transport drugs across the border, or boats to smuggle drugs by sea. They can also equip themselves with new weapons, such as sawed-off shotguns and submachine guns, to defend themselves against rival gangs and law enforcement agencies.

Overall, the Drug Trade Simulator mod is a must-have mod for players looking for a more realistic and challenging drug trafficking experience in GTA 6. With its comprehensive drug production and distribution system, morality system, and improved vehicles and weapons, the mod takes drug trafficking to a whole new level of realism and complexity.