Drug Trade Realism Mod – GTA 6


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Drug Trade Realism: The Realistic Drug mod introduces a drug-dealing system, allowing players to buy and sell drugs, expand their criminal empire, and face the consequences of their actions.

About Drug Trade Realism in Grand Theft Auto VI

Drug Trade Realism is a mod for GTA 6 that introduces a realistic drug-dealing system into the game. The mod is designed to allow players to buy and sell illegal drugs in the game world, expanding their criminal empire and facing the consequences of their actions. With this mod, players will be able to experience the true underbelly of Vice City, as they navigate through the murky world of drug dealing and trafficking.

The mod allows players to purchase and transport a variety of different drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. Each drug has its own unique properties and characteristics, which will affect how they are bought, transported, and sold.

Players will need to be careful when dealing with the authorities, as they can be arrested and sent to jail if caught with illegal drugs. Additionally, rival drug dealers will be vying for control of the drug trade in Vice City, so players will need to be on their guard and protect their turf.

The mod also introduces a new set of missions centered around the drug trade. These missions will require players to acquire and transport drugs across Vice City, while avoiding the law, rival drug dealers, and other obstacles. Successfully completing these missions will unlock new features and benefits, allowing players to expand their criminal empire further.

Overall, the Drug Trade Realism mod is perfect for players who want to experience the gritty reality of the criminal underworld in Vice City. With a realistic drug-dealing system, challenging missions, and a range of different drugs to choose from, this mod adds a whole new level of depth and excitement to the game. So get ready to hit the streets of Vice City and become the drug kingpin you’ve always dreamed of being!