City Makeover Mod – GTA 6


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City Makeover: This mod recreates the entire map of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City within GTA 6. It brings back the iconic locations and landmarks from Vice City, allowing players to explore both Los Santos and Vice City in a single game.

About City Makeover in Grand Theft Auto VI

The City Makeover mod for GTA 6 is a highly-anticipated project among fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. This mod is designed to recreate the entire map of Vice City within GTA 6, bringing back the iconic locations and landmarks that made the original game such a classic.

With the City Makeover mod, players will be able to explore both Los Santos and Vice City in a single game, expanding the open world of GTA 6 and providing endless opportunities for exciting gameplay. The mod will offer a seamless transition between the two cities, making it possible to drive or fly from one to the other without any loading screens.

The City Makeover mod will include all of the familiar locations from Vice City, including Ocean Drive, Washington Beach, and Downtown. Players will be able to visit the Malibu Club, the Vercetti Estate, and other iconic locations featured in the original game. The mod also includes a complete overhaul of the visuals, with an updated look and feel that is consistent with the modern graphics of GTA 6.

In addition to the new visual style, the City Makeover mod will introduce a range of new content and features that will keep players engaged for hours. For example, the mod will add new vehicles, weapons, and clothing items that are exclusive to Vice City, as well as new side missions and activities to explore.

Overall, the City Makeover mod is an incredible project that promises to take the already impressive world of GTA 6 to the next level. With its comprehensive recreation of Vice City and new features, this mod is sure to be a hit among fans of the series.