Chaos on Wheels Mod – GTA 6


Download Mod: Chaos on Wheels

Chaos on Wheels: The Carmageddon mod turns the streets of Los Santos into chaotic mayhem. It adds various elements such as aggressive drivers, explosive collisions, and general chaos, making the game world feel more intense and unpredictable.

About Chaos on Wheels in Grand Theft Auto VI

The Chaos on Wheels mod for GTA 6 transforms the already chaotic streets of Los Santos into a true death race. It introduces a variety of new elements that make the game world feel more intense and unpredictable.

The first new feature is aggressive drivers. Drivers in NPC vehicles now become aggressive and will actively seek out the player in an attempt to collide with them, causing chaos and destruction on the streets. These aggressive drivers will pursue the player relentlessly and won’t stop until they’ve caused a significant amount of damage.

The second new feature is explosive collisions. Whenever a vehicle collides with another vehicle or a stationary object, it explodes in a fiery explosion, sending debris flying everywhere. This makes the streets feel much more dangerous and unpredictable, with vehicles constantly exploding in spectacular fashion.

Finally, the mod introduces general chaos to the game world. Pedestrians now become panicked and chaotic at the sight of all the destruction occurring around them, with some going so far as to start looting stores and causing even more chaos on the streets.

The Chaos on Wheels mod turns GTA 6 into a true death race, with players having to navigate the streets carefully while avoiding aggressive drivers and explosive collisions. The mod makes the game world feel more intense and unpredictable, and is perfect for players who want a more challenging and chaotic experience.