Bodyguard Simulation Mod – GTA 6


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Bodyguard Simulation: The Realistic Bodyguard mod lets players hire and command a team of loyal bodyguards, providing protection, assistance, and backup during missions and encounters.

About Bodyguard Simulation in Grand Theft Auto VI

The Bodyguard Simulation mod for GTA 6 takes protection and assistance to the next level by giving players the ability to hire and command a team of highly trained bodyguards. These NPCs serve as the player’s personal security detail, protecting them from any danger that may come their way, whether it be an ambush or a gunfight.

To hire a bodyguard, players simply need to visit a specific location on the map where a bodyguard recruitment agency is based, and from there, they can choose from a variety of different guards based on their skill level, experience, and equipment. The better the guard, the more expensive they will be to hire, but the investment is worth it, as they will be your constant companions throughout your gameplay.

After hiring your team of bodyguards, you can give them specific tasks, such as escorting you from one location to another, defending you during missions, or covering you during combat encounters. Players can also customize their bodyguard team with a wide range of outfits, weapons, and equipment, customizing their team to suit their needs and style.

The Bodyguard Simulation mod also introduces a new gameplay feature, which is the ability to give orders to your bodyguards. For example, players can choose to have their bodyguards stay in a specific location while they complete a task, or they can order them to follow their every move.

The realistic element of the mod can be seen in how bodyguards behave, as they react to various situations based on their training and experience. For instance, if you are in a car chase, your bodyguards will provide backup and shoot at enemy cars, attempting to block their way and giving you time to escape.

Overall, the Bodyguard Simulation mod enhances the immersive gameplay experience that GTA 6 already offers, by giving players more control over their personal security. Combining this mod with others that expand the game’s wider world, such as adding denser traffic or more detailed locations, would create a truly immersive and unforgettable gaming experience.