Automated Vehicle Navigation Mod – GTA 6


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Automated Vehicle Navigation: The Vehicle Autopilot mod allows players to activate an autopilot feature for their vehicles, enabling them to sit back and enjoy a scenic drive while the vehicle navigates the city on its own.

About Automated Vehicle Navigation in Grand Theft Auto VI

The Vehicle Autopilot mod is a revolutionary addition to GTA 6 that changes the way players drive in the open-world game. This mod allows players to activate an autopilot feature for their vehicles, taking control of driving while the players sit back and enjoy a scenic drive through the city. The mod makes traversing the city a lot easier, as navigation is taken care of automatically without requiring player input.

With the Vehicle Autopilot mod, players can activate the autopilot feature through a menu option on their car’s dashboard. Once the feature is activated, the car’s AI takes over control of the vehicle, aligning it to the road and following the traffic rules and signals. The AI navigation system has been programmed to avoid accidents and collisions, resulting in a smooth and accident-free ride.

The Vehicle Autopilot mod also allows players to customize the autopilot AI’s behavior. Players can choose different driving styles, ranging from safe and cautious to aggressive and risky. The mod also allows players to select the navigation route, choosing between the fastest or the most scenic one.

The Vehicle Autopilot mod is designed to work with all types of vehicles, including cars, bikes, boats, helicopters, and planes. The mod’s AI is programmed to take into account the specific characteristics of each vehicle, providing a unique driving experience for each vehicle type.

The mod is not limited to just the player’s vehicle as it also works for other AI-controlled vehicles on the street. Players can activate the autopilot feature for any vehicle in sight, creating a convoy of automated cars traveling through the city.

The Vehicle Autopilot mod’s benefits are not limited to just enabling players to sit back and relax while driving. The feature is also useful for completing delivery missions and other time-sensitive activities, allowing players to multitask while on their way to their destinations.

However, the Vehicle Autopilot mod comes with some limitations. The system is not foolproof and can encounter obstacles and challenges on rare occasions, possibly requiring player intervention. The autopilot feature also drains the vehicle’s battery, reducing its lifespan and increasing the chance of having to pay for mechanic services or replacing the car altogether.

Overall, the Vehicle Autopilot mod adds a new dimension of functionality to GTA 6, making movement around the city more accessible and enjoyable. Players can now enjoy the game’s scenery and landmarks while leaving the driving to the AI.